Save the Crocodiles

This page will be updated with brief field notes from my trip to the Madras Crocodile Bank Trust & Centre for Herpetology. The notes will be brief but enough to give you a feel for crocodile conservation in India. This is an anthropological contribution for Public Anthropology /Ecological Anthropology.

The focus of my work there will be to develop a public anthropological contribution/proposal, based on the needs of the local community, that will help educate and demystify crocodile behavior to the local people of Mamallapuram. This is going to be done through an extensive exploration into native narratives, folklore, past human-crocodile interactions, interviewing of local residents to identify common misunderstandings in crocodile behavior and crocodile management techniques.

This grassroots anthropological investigation into human-crocodile “socio-politics” is, in my opinion, a great way to learn which kinds of teaching methods, content and applications will be appropriate for those living in closest range of crocodiles and reserve spaces. It is in essence, to identify the learning patterns and preconditioned notions of  the population that needs the most training in crocodile management because they are most likely to have such close interactions. Interactions could be dangerous for both the human and the crocodile if public education is not made priority.

Changes are being made on the scope of research so check back soon for updates.

Crocodile Articles

MCBT Field Notes

The Need for Public Education – Demystifying Crocodile Behavior

IUCN Crocodile Specialist Group Reports

***This page is dedicated to the tireless work of hundreds of conservationists who work to save the crocodiles


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