Usha’s Fieldwork – MCBT India

June 06/2009

Formal registration has been completed in the volunteer research program at the MCBT.  Gotta head down to my appointment with the Indian Embassy  since they decided to send my passports back and request an interview 3 weeks after I had applied. Talk about late notice? I was supposed to be on a plane in two days but now its been delayed to June 25th. I was hoping to have a few days to used to India again but Im just going to get thrown into the conservation. I have no complaints though because even if I was waiting, I would be so anxious about getting to the MCBT.

I am so unbelievably excited about going to see my beloved crocs and the team that has worked so hard to conserve the dwindling population in India. Im looking forward to Gharial moms and their beautiful clutches, little kids with crazy questions, amazing world class researchers, and most of all the passion for reptiles and their safety. 

Trying my best to contain my excitement but now that the formal school year is over, all I keep doing is researching crocodiles and  public education opportunities.  

This is my first entry here. Im still trying to figure things out with sub-parent pages so please forgive me if any of the html coding doesn’t appear formatted.


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